About us

About us

MedAlliance Holding Zrt. was incorporated in January 2018, and has already become a significant player in the Hungarian private health sector. The Holding is building its private healthcare service operation under the TritonLife umbrella brand and it has already become a significant player in the Hungarian private health sector. The Group reaches consolidated revenues of almost 4 billion HUF (12 million EUR). Our primary objective is to achieve fast growth during the years to come, by combining carefully-planned and executed M&A strategy, with significant reorganisation and organic growth of our existing businesses, strongly building on and exploiting synergic opportunities. We aim to contribute to maturing and developing the Hungarian private healthcare market, ultimately keeping our clients healthy, or restoring the health of those who trust us, and turn to us for help, while keeping local professionals in the country, and/or bringing them home by offering attractive working environment and conditions.

Each of the founders, and the current shareholders are Hungarian individuals, who in the course of their carriers had already proven their capabilities, each of them having 10-30 years of professional experience and outstanding references in their own areas of expertise. Now we work together as a team, in order to make TritonLife an outstanding player in the development of the private healthcare service systems in the region.

It is our utmost priority to comply with all relevant regulations and laws and adhere to the highest ethical standards. We wish to contribute to preserving and improving the health of people living in our region by providing treatment and preventative care of the highest quality and the highest professional standards that are always based on the newest and most efficient, internationally recognized medical protocols.

Our medical activities are driven by medical guidelines that are evidence-based, and scientifically proven.

We believe that our most important assets are our employees and our aim is to serve our customers using the highest quality and ethical standards.. We serve our clients trusting us and turning to us in this spirit, and we reward our physicians, nurses, and other staff, both financially and professionally  in a fair, transparent and competitive way.

Beyond all the above, it is important for us to maximise the efficiency and profitability of our member companies, building on the synergies found in the group.

MedAlliance Holding (TritonLife Group)